Get Rid of Termites With These Easy Steps

Of all the many small insects and pests, termites are best known for having the ability to cause extreme damage to human habitats. They are colony pests that feed on cellulose and appear in plant or wood materials. If given a chance, termites can single handedly ruin your home. Though they may not be noticeable at first, their effect may be felt greatly after they have grown in number. That is why it is always advisable to take the necessary steps to get rid of termites quickly if they have already invaded your home. Learn the facts about termites.
Signs of termites
They are mostly found around the windows and doors as winged varieties hovering around in colonies. There are also some signs to warn you of their presence which include:
The presence of bubbled or cracked paint – Since termites feed on the interior of a structure, they may cause the paint to bubble as they approach the surface.
Once solid wood sounding hollow – Termites have the tendency of eating the interior of wood into a hollow while leaving the outer structure intact. The presence of an echo when you tap on the woods may indicate their presence.
Presence of mud tubes outside – Termites tubes tend to spread along exterior walls and down in crawl spaces unlike wasp or hornet tubes. This might lead you to immediate Termite Removal Sacramento services.
How to get rid of termites
Now that you have discovered that you have termites, it is very important to remove all of their easy food sources before you begin killing them. Therefore, you have to move lumber, paper debris or any wood away from the foundation of your home. Some of the ways to get rid of termites include:
Set up a cardboard trap – This involves taking a couple of flat strips of cardboard and making them wet. Afterwards, you stack them together to attract termites to that area and take them outside.
Expose your wood to sunlight – Incase the termites have invaded a piece of furniture; it would be easier to expose the item to sunlight which will kill them.
Use boric acid – This is one of the common methods that is very effective in dispatching them. Boric acid which is the main termite insecticide acts by shutting down their nervous system and dehydrating them.
Call a professional – Sometimes, you may find that the termite infection is too big or maybe you are not sure about getting it right. In this case, it is advisable to call termite professional exterminators to do the work for you.
Termite prevention
To prevent future infestations, it is important to make sure you maintain a dry home or apartment. You can also consider using pest repellants, keeping wood out of your property, sealing the cracks in your home, and arranging with a professional to come back and retreat your home regularly.

Termites – The Inner Sanctum – The Secrets of Nature

They cannot tolerate sunlight; some of them are even blind. However they are one of the world’s most ingenious builders: Termites. They build high-risers without any technical devices that are, compared to the Empire State Building in New York, 25 times higher. They are the only animals that have managed to build an air-conditioning system without electricity. Their nests are architectural masterpieces that rise up to eight meters from the ground and dispose brood chambers for larvae, corridors for transportation, fungal gardens for nutrition and even emergency exits for hostile attacks.

How to keep rats from entering Barrel Tile Roof, Norway Roof rats, Rat entry points, Melbourne, FL

Animals In The Attic Brevard
We get em out, and keep em out, Guaranteed!

How to keep wildlife from entering your home through your barrel tire roof? The most vulnerable spot on roofs with barrel tile is where the first (or end) tile meets the edge of the roof. This spot usually has a material to close this hole called “bird stop”. The original purpose was to stop birds from nesting in these holes. Birds are bad enough, but at least they would just stay in the edge of the roof. Rats , mice and squirrels however will use these holes as a way into your house.

There are different kinds of bird stop. Metal, foam rubber, cement, and
none. None is the case when the the holes are relatively small. I guess the logic is that the hole is too small for a bird to nest, but its plenty big of a rodent to enter.

The metal and cement bird stops we have come across work very well at prevent all types of wild life from entering. Only in the case of a poor fit have we seen rodent entry points.

The foam rubber variety is great at keeping birds from nesting but is not much of a deterrent to rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels can gnaw through it in no time. Some people think they can patch or seal these holes. But the critters will just eat through another hole before the night is over. The only method we recommend to solve this problem is replacing all the foam with cement. We add a colored dye into the cement mix to match the house or the old bird stop and apply the cement by hand. Its tedious work but really the only permanent solution.

Metal cannot be inserted without removing tile, and this much more involved than the cement technique.

The key to sealing up your home is to cover all bases. Rats especially, are very smart. If you seal them out of one area they will find another. So you need to find the weak links in your home to prevent wildlife from entering.

For a detailed inspection of your home or business call James at Animals In The Attic Brevard for a free home inspection. He knows where to look and how to stop rodents from entering your home. And of course if you already know or suspect you have rats don’t wait any longer.

Call 321-614-6005. Only Animals in the Attic Brevard gets them out and keeps them out – Guaranteed!

Animals In The Attic is Brevard County’s wildlife control, removal and extermination experts. Dealing with wildlife can be dangerous, be safe and call the experts – 24 hours a day 321-614-6005 If you are hearing rat, raccoon or squirrel sounds or noises in your attic call us now!

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Bravecto is the first and only chewable flea and tick protection that works for 12 weeks. That’s nearly 3X longer than most other chewable or spot–on treatments!

It’s a chew that dogs love, and is safe for dogs including ‘ivermectin sensitive’ Collies, breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. Bravecto’s great for dogs with kids or dogs that swim – as there’s no spot-on greasy patch for kids to touch and it can’t be washed off. And it’s convenient – the 12 week flea treatment works in with worming regimes. Bravecto is also approved for the treatment and control of Demodex mites (generalised demodicosis) for 12 weeks.

Ask your vet today about Bravecto!

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Top 5 Best Flea Treatment for Cats Reviews Best Cat Flea Treatment Best Flea Treatment for Home

Top 5 Best Flea Treatment for Cats Reviews Best Cat Flea Treatment Best Flea Treatment for Home

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1. Bayer Advantage II for Large Cats Over 9 lbs, 6 Pack

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3. Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, 3 Doses, For Cats 8 Weeks and Older

4. Advantage Ii Large Cat 2-Pack

5. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats, 6 Count, 2-25 lbs, Blue

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Pest Control

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Fleas are not just a cat or dog problem. They can quickly become a whole house problem.
Fleas are a nuisance, as they spread quickly. They also can also carry disease and parasites. If your house shows signs of fleas, it’s time to take action.
If the problem is minor and localized to a pet, start with a special shampoo for the pet. These are available through a veterinarian or at a local pet store. There also are over the counter flea powders that can bring relief to your pet and prevent fleas from spreading throughout your home.

If flea control has become a major problem, consider bringing in a flea pest control company. There are many such companies that specialize in fleas and related insects.

Look for a pest control company that has experience in your area and with the specific flea control you are battling. Ask for reference and spend a little time calling around to make sure the other home owners were happy with the flea control Auckland services.

Carpet cleaning with over 55oC steam will remove eggs and most fleas, however this needs to be followed though with a flea pest control service for best results such as Pest Control Auckland Flea Control or Auckland Carpet Steam ‘n’ Dry Flea Control Auckland Also look at the variety of services they offer. Many flea pest control companies also offer regular maintenance to ensure the fleas do not return. Some Auckland flea control companies can treat the home for several pests, depending on the range of issues you’re facing. When hiring a flea control company, the key is to get a proposal tailored to your needs and budget. The rest will fall into place as you start treating the problem and gaining the benefits of a pest-free home.

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We care about your home and the little ones crawling around on the floor. Our pest control Auckland solutions are Pet Safe and Child Safe so you can rest easy knowing that we won’t leave anything toxic in your home or office

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Flea Control, Pest Control , Insect Control, Fly Control
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Flea Control, Pest Control , Insect Control, Fly Control . See how FLY Control in Auckland is so Important?

See how to keep your premises healthy & free of disease, its not just a choice, it’s a necessity. Pest free & indoor cleanlinesss is what keeps you healthy and active everyday.

You’ll notice that when your home or office is being pest by dirty critters you just don’t feel good about anything.

If you’re working all day and come home to a personal invaded dirty home, it just puts you in a bad mood.

Flea Control, Pest Control , Insect Control, Fly Control is a great place to start. Not only will your home appear clean, if sanitised it will also smell and feel clean.

A good house or office cleaning is always good to lift up your spirits as well.

Of course having your carpet cleaned, tile& grout cleaned,, upholstery cleaning, done with your Pest Control , Insect Control, Fly Control, Flea Control just add to a clean and healthy home or office.

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Keeping It Safe for the Little Ones

We care about your home and the little ones crawling around on the floor. Our Pest Control , Insect Control, Fly Control, Flea Control solutions are Pet Safe and Child Safe so you can rest easy knowing that we won’t leave anything toxic in your home or office

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Pest Control with Air Rifles – Rat Shooting – Introducing Bruv!

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